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Keep Calm and Bink On! Show off how much a rabbit lover you are with this awesome cotton t-shirt! It comes in black, kelly green, and red. Plus, it is pre-shrunk so the size you order is the size you get!

You Deserve It! 

You buy amazing food for your rabbits, you buy them toys, hutches, bowls, bedding, and on and on, am I right. Well tell the world how much you love your rabbit. Us rabbit people have got to represent! 

How did we get here?

You can always trust us to provide a story. We love 'em. Anyway... We started to go out and look for stylish clothes to tell the world how much we love rabbits. We came up mostly empty handed. We saw some cool stuff, and some not so cool stuff. In the end we thought, let's just make it ourselves. So here it is! We found the best shirts and printer we could find, so they are a little more than a throw away shirt, but we think it's worth it. We hope you agree?

So... Dig in and have a ball, you've earned it!