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Coarse Timothy is ideal with helping wear down a rabbit's teeth because it has a rougher texture than the other cuts. It has a lower protein level and higher fiber is great for keeping your rabbit's digestion regular and functioning.


Medium Timothy is easier for rabbits to eat because of it being moister and softer than Coarse Timothy. It holds a higher protein level and lower fiber than Coarse Timothy as well. It's also fantastic for keeping your rabbit’s digestion regular

Coarse Orchard Grass is a great alternative if your small pet is allergic to Timothy Hay. It's similar to First Cut Timothy Hay in texture while also being high in fiber and low in protein and calcium.

Mountain Grass is made up of a variety of wild grasses that grow in a mountain meadow. Typically it has leaves that are fine and coarse in texture with almost no stems. It is high in fiber and low in protein and calcium.