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Alfalfa Hay


Field of Alfalfa HayHay is the best type of food for rabbits and other small animals that you can provide. Alfalfa hay can be introduced to baby rabbits at about 3 weeks of age to begin nibbling on the alfalfa hay and mixing it with pellets. By the age of 7 months, rabbits require little alfalfa hay and should be introduced to timothy hay. It’s okay to mix the alfalfa hay with the timothy to transition them, but too much alfalfa hay for too long runs the risk of an obese bunny. Rabbit Hole Hay provides quality, farm fresh hay for sale online for your rabbit or other small pets. Already familiar with alfalfa hay? Order yours today!

What is Alfalfa Hay?

Alfalfa Hay is a warm weather crop. It has a finer texture and more leaves than other grasses like timothy hay. Alfalfa is a flowering plant and in the legume family. Alfalfa hay for rabbits provides nutritional benefits for baby rabbits including:

  • High protein
  • High fiber
  • High calcium
  • Good for younger, growing, active rabbits
  • Aids lactating mother rabbits

Although alfalfa hay provides more calories and energy as food for rabbits, and many rabbits prefer alfalfa hay, it’s important to remember that once a rabbit reaches adulthood, alfalfa hay should be replaced with timothy hay. This is important so that the rabbit doesn’t become overweight and develop an unhealthy diet. If your adult rabbit is used to alfalfa hay, try mixing the hay with a grass hay like timothy hay to start and gradually reducing the amount of alfalfa hay in its diet.

First Cut Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay is grown differently than timothy hay because it prefers warmer weather. First cut alfalfa hay also has a fine texture, more leaves, and more cuttings than second cut.

Second Cut Alfalfa Hay

Second cut alfalfa hay has few weeds and grass. It is less nutritious than first crop alfalfa hay, but still good food for rabbits when they are younger and still growing.

Alfalfa hay and timothy hay are the best kind of food for rabbits and should be the mainstay of your pet rabbit’s diet depending on the stage of development the pet rabbit is in. It’s also important to supplement with fresh vegetables, a small amount of pellets, fresh water and treats in moderation.

Choose quality, healthy food for rabbits and order your alfalfa hay today!

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