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Save Up to 30% on Select Products

For select products, when you buy 2 or more you can save up to 30% off your order. The more you buy the more you save! Bundling is available on the following products in select sizes: All Ultra Premium Hays, All Natural Hay Cubes, All Natural Alfalfa Pellets, All Natural Chew Sticks, and Food Grade Bedding. 

You can even mix and match your products, creating a bundle your small pet will love! To learn more about how you can bundle your products and which products are eligible, click here

Premium Northwest Hay and Bedding for Your Rabbit

Smart Rabbit owners are choosing quality Rabbit Hole Hay that is grown in the famous soil of the Western United States because they want only the best for their furry friends.  You know that the perfect weather combined with the rich deep top soil of the Western US Mountain Ranges, makes western hay the ideal food for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas. Rabbit Hole Hay provides the perfect nutrition and fiber that nature intended for your furry friends.