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First Cut Timothy is ideal with helping wear down a rabbit's teeth because it is coarser than the other cuts. It has a lower protein level and higher fiber is great for keeping your rabbit's digestion regular and functioning.


Second Cut Timothy is easier for rabbits to eat because of it being moister and softer than first cut. It holds a higher protein level and lower fiber than first cut as well. It's also fantastic for keeping your rabbit’s digestion regular.

Mountain Grass is a little coarser than Orchard, but still some of the softest hay we carry and is a great alternative if your rabbit is allergic to Timothy Hay. It is high in fiber and low in protein and calcium.


Alfalfa holds more leaves and has a finer texture than most grasses, therefore it is perfect for growing rabbits between the age of 3 weeks and 7 months. It is high in calcium, fiber, and proteins.


In Short

Rabbit Hole Hay is committed to bringing you the best hay, and your human the best customer service possible. 


I (Jason Krueger, COO) personally go to the farm. I meet with the farmers to discuss the needs of my customers, you and your pets. I make sure that the hay I'm buying for your beloved pets is the highest quality I can get. These kinds of relationships make sure that we are always getting the best. 


Each harvest of hay is tested to make sure it falls within our guaranteed nutrient levels listed on our packaging. We know that the health of your pet is on the line and we take that very very seriously. 


All of our hay is stored completely indoors for two reasons. Sunlight and Water, both are extremely damaging to hay. Sunlight not only makes the hay appear faded or brown it also robs the hay of it's nutrients. Water, (and/or moisture) can cause the hay to develop fungus, mold and bacteria which can be extremely dangerous to your pets and you. 


Sunlight is the reason that we spend the extra money to package our hay in boxes rather than plastic bags. (aside from our 1/4 pounder and our samples, which are in a zip top bag, we do this because the quantity is so small that your pet will eat it before it has the time to become damaged due to sunlight). Keeping the hay in the perfect condition is crucial to having it remain full of nutrients and safe for your pets. 

Customer Service:


You can call me anytime, seriously. 99% of the time I answer the phone, 530 763 6900. If not, leave me a message on my personal cell phone and you will get a call back. Don't have time to chat, we understand. Send me an email, support@rabbitholehay.com. Like Facebook, send us a message. We have Facebook messenger windows on every page on our website. 


Not only will I answer the phone, I will take care of you. Something not right, no problem, I will make it so, if I can, I will.

Sometimes things happen. I am taking care of customers, improving our website, and doing everything I can to make you and your rabbits experience amazing. I can't also pack every box of hay, sometimes things happen. What I can guarantee you is that I will make sure that you are more than taken care of. I promise.