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Product Questions

What are the Differences Between Your Hays?

Do You Have Good Quality "X" in Stock Right Now?

My Rabbit Won't Eat Any Hay, What Should I Do?

Why Should I Buy This Paper Bedding?

What is Rabbit Hole Hay Doing to Ensure My Small Pets Safety During This RHDV2?



Order Questions

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Order?

How Do I Track My Order Status?

My Order Says it’s Delivered, But it’s Not Here. Where is it?

Only Part of My Order Was Delivered, Where is the Rest of it?

This Doesn’t Look Like My Normal Order of Hay, What Do I Do?

I Received Dusty, Dirty, Brown, etc. Hay - What Do I Do?

I Received a Dead Mouse, Rat, Bird in My Hay - What Do I Do?

What is Rabbit Hole Hay Doing to Ensure My Small Pets Safety During This RHDV2?



Shipping & Return Questions

How Long Does it Take to Ship?

Do You Ship Internationally?

What's Your Return Policy?

What Parcel Services do you use?



Subscription Program Questions

How Does a Rabbit Hole Hay Subscription Work?

How Do I Make a Subscription Order?

How Do I Choose My Delivery Frequency?

What Does it Mean to Have an "Active" Subscription?

Can I Have a Subscription Order with Multiple Products with Different Delivery Frequencies?

Can I Change My Delivery Frequency After Ordering?

Can I Add Products to My Subscription?

Can I Remove Products to My Subscription?

Can I Skip a Shipment?

Can I Pause My Subscription?

I’d Like to Switch Out My Subscription Product for Future Orders, How Do I Do That?

Next Time I Want to Add a One-Time Product to My Subscription Order, How Do I Do That?

I Changed My Address on My Account but My Subscription Order Still Went to My Old Address, How Do I Stop That From Happening?

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If I No Longer Wish To Receive Subscription Orders, When Must I Cancel By?

If I Cancel When in Tier 2, and I Re-Subscribe will I still be at Tier 2?


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