Ultra Premium Food Grade Natural Bedding - 2oz
Ultra Premium Food Grade Natural Bedding - Benefits
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Ultra Premium Food Grade Natural Bedding - 2.0 cuft
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Ultra Premium Food Grade Natural Bedding

Only 1 Ingredient: Food Grade Paper Pulp
Both our Natural and White bedding is Dioxin Free and 100% Environmentally Friendly. It's considered "Food Grade," which means it's approved by the FDA to wrap and serve human food. so it's safe for both you, your small pets, and your pocket pets.
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Features & Benefits
  • Super Odor Fighting - Odor is a common issue in litter boxes, hutches, and cages. Our Super Absorbent Quick Action Odor Protection means you’ll smell less of whatever was left inside.
  • Healthy and Safe - We know you worry about your small pet’s health and safety, that’s why we made sure our bedding is Dioxin Free and 100% Environmentally Friendly. Our FDA approved Food Grade Virgin Paper is safe if your small pet or pocket pet ingests it.
  • Ultra Absorbent - Constantly changing out bedding is annoying, that’s why we focused on maximizing its absorbent capabilities. You can now go longer between changes as it absorbs 6 times its own weight!
  • 99.9% Dust Free - Dusty bedding has become a huge issue, for both you, and your small pet, and your pocket pet. That’s why our super clean bedding contains no sand, dirt, or grit.
  • Soft and Nestable - We made our bedding as soft and nestable as possible. Life is better for your small pets and pocket pets when potty time is just as comfortable as nap time.
No More Stinky Cages

Bad smelling bedding not only stinks up the whole room, but it leaves an odor that can be hard to get rid of. With our Super Absorbent Quick Action Odor Protection, our Food Grade Bedding absorbs up to 6 times its own weight and takes more unpleasant smells along with it!

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you changed out the bedding and wiped down the cage there was almost no trace of what was in it? We thought so! That’s why we made our bedding super odor fighting. You can also go longer between changes and spend more quality time playing with your small pet or pocket pet instead of cleaning up after them!

Say Goodbye to Sneezing & Irritation

We realize that dust not only affects you, but also your small pet. In order to save you, and your small pet, and your pocket pet from constantly sneezing and experiencing irritation, we made our Food Grade Bedding 99.9% dust free!

You’ll never find any dirt, dust, sand, or girt within our bedding. It’s now the perfect place for your little ones to use the potty in one corner and burrow into it and fall asleep in the opposite corner.

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Rabbit Hole Hay Promise

Only the purest, highest quality, no additives, no GMOs.

Supporting Local Farming

Located in Northern California, the heart of hay country, we source all of our hay from local growers in the surrounding regions of the Northwest United States.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All our products come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, just contact us and we’ll make it right.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

That is what I uses for our bunny litter boxes. This stuff is great and super absorbent.

Barbara G
excellent bedding

Switched to this from Carefresh and it's so far worth paying more for. It holds together a little better (though my bunny still makes a bare spot getting in and out of the box) and it definitely smells better on its own. I can't really comment on how it deals with waste smells; I clean my bunny's boxes twice a day normally, so there really isn't much time for smell to build up. I think she likes it, though, she's started sleeping in her litterbox more often, LOL!

Best Bedding

I use ultra premium bedding exclusively in my bunnies litter box. I started using it from the very beginning of my pet rabbit journey. I now have 3 bunnies 2 large litter boxes and one smaller. You can’t beat the absorbing power of this. All my buddies are free roam in my house and there is never any smell from their litter boxes. The only bits of litter that get around is the stuff I spill when changing their boxes. The loose bits are very easy to sweep up. No dust from it ever.

I would not use any other filler!

Super happy customer

Teresa Brinlee
Not just for bedding

We use this product for our bunnies liter boxes. I love it’s absorbency and it’s low track ability. Even if it dose get flipped out it is very easy to sweep up. I have used this brand from the very beginning of our bunny parents journey. I like that it is edible too, because as you know bunnies chew and eat everything.😁. The best part is it fits our budget. I also really appreciate being able to set up automatic shipping frequency and amount.


The best, NO dust bedding!