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What is a Stuffable All Natural Willow Chew Ball with Hay?  Stuffable All Natural Willow Chew Ball with Hay is an excellent all natural chew toy that you stuff with hay for your rabbit,  chinchilla, guinea pig, or other pocket pet (such as: rat, mouse, hamster,...


Rabbit Hole Hay Is Committed To Keeping Your Small Pets Happy & Healthy.

Why are Chew Toys Essential for Your Small Pet or Pocket Pet? 

Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, and degus have teeth that are constantly growing and if left unchecked, will impact their ability to eat and ultimately affect their long-term health. 

Chewing is a natural behavior that keeps them entertained along with combating any stress or anxiety they face. Since it’s a part of their nature, why not add an additional benefit to it? Chewing on ingestible toys, such as Chew Sticks, helps small pets and pocket pets wear down their incisors. It also helps to keep molar spurs from forming inside the mouth of rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.

Molar spurs are a medical condition that form on your small pet’s teeth that can end up cutting their tongue, cheeks, and other soft mouth tissues. The presence of a molar spur (or spike) will have your small pet avoiding the use of that particular tooth which causes unnatural pressure on other teeth, making the uneven wear even worse. Not only will it cause discomfort when eating, the misalignment of the jaw can cause other problems with jaw muscles and ligaments.  

It’s extremely important that if your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla is currently eating hay that lacks coarse texture that you add chew toys into their daily routine. We are dedicated to making sure your pets are happy, healthy, and their teeth in check even when they don’t enjoy coarse hay.

Natural Chew Toy Provides Fun with Health Benefits!

Keeping your small pet or pocket pet active and mentally stimulated is important for their health and happiness. Your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla, rat, mouse, hamster, gerbil, or degu will get hours of enjoyment out of this affordable, natural chew toy. Chewing wood and coarse fibers is a natural behavior that helps your pet stay active and avoid boredom or stress. The fact that these All Natural Chew Sticks help their dental health is just an added bonus!

Happier Small Pets 

There is nothing better than watching your small pet bink or squeal for joy when their apple sticks arrive. By providing the best quality All Natural Chew Sticks for your rabbits, guinea pigs chinchillas, and other pocket pets you are showing them that you care and they’ll return the favor with life-long affection. Enjoying high quality apple sticks encourages their natural chewing instinct to keep their teeth sharp and worn down while also keeping them mentally stimulated. We pride ourselves on supporting a community of small pet owners who care deeply about providing happy and healthy lifestyles for their pets.