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$ 4.95

First Cut Timothy is ideal with helping wear down a rabbit's teeth because it is coarser than the other cuts. It has a lower protein level and higher fiber is great for keeping your rabbit's digestion regular and functioning.

$ 4.95

Second Cut Timothy is easier for rabbits to eat because of it being moister and softer than first cut. It holds a higher protein level and lower fiber than first cut as well. It's also fantastic for keeping your rabbit’s digestion regular.

$ 4.95

Orchard is the softest hay we carry and is a great alternative if your rabbit is allergic to Timothy Hay. It is high in fiber and low in protein and calcium.

$ 4.95

Alfalfa holds more leaves and has a finer texture than most grasses, therefore it is perfect for growing rabbits between the age of 3 weeks and 7 months. It is high in calcium, fiber, and proteins.

$ 5.79

Can't figure out which hay or bedding to pick? Order a sampling of what we have to offer and find your pet's favorite kind. That way you know what to order next time!

$ 17.99

Our bedding comes into two colors: Natural and White. It is super order fighting, ultra-absorbent, and 99.9% dust free which is good for you. It is also healthy, safe, soft, and nestable, which is good for your small pet!

$ 4.99

Apple Sticks are one of the best chew toys for your small pet. An apple stick not only provides entertainment for your pet, but it also helps maintain perfect teeth health. It's also organic!

$ 16

Keep Calm and Bink On! Show off how much a rabbit lover you are with this awesome cotton t-shirt! It comes in black, kelly green, and red. Plus, it is pre-shrunk so the size you order is the size you get!

$ 15

LOTR! Show that you are a serious rabbit lover with this awesome cotton t-shirt! It comes in natural, sky blue and light. Plus, it is pre-shrunk so the size you order is the size you get!